IRB & SOP information

Our workflow is defined by strict SOPs

Contractor-end SOPs

  • The contractors that we use must be located in the United States, ensuring no information is shipped beyond our national borders.
  • All contractors have gone through CITI training and the HIPAA Awareness for Healthcare Providers certification.
  • All contractors involved in the project are logged with a time and date stamp on each occasion the files are accessed.
  • Finally, all contractors are bound to a confidentiality agreement that no part of any material may be discussed, whether in person or via e-mail, to any other party except to Accurate Secretarial LLC management, who is also bound by the same confidentiality agreement.

Client-end SOPs

Client uploads video/audio file to our secure server located on-site.

  • Designated access is to the server is made available to the client only during the momentary upload period, after which the client can no longer upload to the server without a second request.  Ongoing projects may be allowed longer access.
  • The process repeats as necessary.