Political transcription and captioning for educators

We’ve been developing a resource for teachers, and we’ve reached the point where we’re ready to announce it to the world.

As you know, the videos and audio recordings of many significant speeches are available online. But finding versions of these speeches with accurate subtitles and transcripts is much more difficult than just finding the speeches themselves.

We have assembled a collection videos, all with professional-grade transcripts and professional-grade subtitles, free of ads, available for the use of educators around the world.

Best of all – these videos are available for free. There is no catch.

Comprehension is improved when the audio of a speech is paired with high quality subtitles. Subtitles aren’t just for ESL classes and meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, they benefit every student in the class.

Thanks for all the hard work educators do to prepare the next generation for their lives.

Find a link to our work located under Appendices>>Select Category>>Political Transcription and Captioning.