Conferencing Resources

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Break-out room and small conference setup

The TX-T1000 Command Tree for small conference and break-out rooms is an efficient and robust system specifically designed by Presentation Resources.

With a quick setup and no technicians needed to run this rig during your presentation, the T-1000 offers both wireless and wired microphone capability driven by an 1100 watt dual-amplifier system.

Add to that a 5000+ lumen projector and watch your presentations come to life on either a six-foot or eight-foot screen while in full room light.

Medium-sized conference room setup

The X51 system for medium conference rooms provides a technician-run studio board, multiple audio speaker system with choices of wireless handheld or lapel microphones and cabled microphone backups.

Bump up to our eight-foot screens and 5000+ lumen projector for your medium-sized, full-room-light setup.

Large conference room setup

The large conference room system includes our studio sound boards, multiple audio speakers and up to eight wireless handheld or lapel mics with cabled backup microphones.

Double the projectors, double the screens, double the audience size for a striking presentation.

Call for pricing as equipment needs may vary.

Don’t want long cable runs through the audience area?  We offer wireless speaker options that will suss your needs in an instant.