Using numbers

All numbers one through nine are spelled out and numerals are used for 10 and above. Nine=9, but 10=10. Exception: We will spell out all numerals if the number is at the beginning of the[…]

[ ] Brackets and () Parenthesis

All notations will be framed in brackets for transcription but parentheses for captioning.   With an Arial font for captioning the parenthesis feels more comfortable in our opinion. [laughs]  (laughs)[sic]  (sic) [inaudible]  (inaudible) [clears throat][…]

Express Scribe high-pass filter

File> Special Audio Processes>>Background Noise Reduction, Extra Volume Boost, High Pass Filter We often recommend Special Audio Processes in Express Scribe to tweak things a bit.  The High Pass Filter can be of great help,[…]

[Simultaneous discussion]

In transcription [Simultaneous discussion] is used when a number of people are speaking once in the conversation and you can’t understand the conversation. A single line break is placed above and below it. Parenthesis is[…]

Google and [sp?]

Use Google to look up unknown words. If the word cannot be found a [sp?] will be inserted immediately following the word we are unsure[sp?] of. (sp?) if used in captioning.