1942 – FDR Dedicates His Library at Hyde Park – closed captioned

A library built by popular subscription to house the archives, papers and mementos of the Franklin D. Roosevelt era is dedicated to the nation by the president himself.

FDR: And this latest edition to the archives of America is dedicated at a moment when government of the people by themselves is being attacked everywhere.

It is therefore proof, if any proof is needed, that our confidence in the future of democracy has not diminished in this nation, and will not diminish.


Announcer: Costing about a third of a million dollars the Dutch-colonial building erected on lands donated by the president is really a Roosevelt museum filled with the historical material of Roosevelt’s public life as well as many of his cherished keepsakes.

His ship models, a rare collection.

Most interesting are the many curios sent to him from admirers the world over.

A new shrine for America.

Transcription and captioning by Accurate Secretarial LLC