Clients & Recommendations

Media Consultant

Accurate Secretarial is the best solution for transcription services that I have encountered over 25+ years of producing corporate video. Aside from being incredibly pleasant to work with; they are also fairly priced, consistent in delivery, and extremely reliable for deadlines.

Associate Professor of Medicine

I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Accurate Secretarial for my transcriptionist needs. I perform research in healthcare and they do an excellent job with medical terminology. They have a secure system that meets the needs of our confidentiality and security requirements for research data. They are very reliable and do an awesome job.

Producer, Multimedia & Communication

I very much enjoyed working with the staff at Accurate Secretarial. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, fast and on-time. They handled several transcriptions for a documentary we are working on and I highly recommend their services. They always appreciate their clients.

Media COO

Accurate Secretarial provided transcription services for a documentary I produced in 2007. The speed and accuracy at which they worked was unmatched. They completed all the transcription tasks on time and the pricing was very reasonable. I hope to work with them again in the future!

Audio Editor/Recording Engineer at Public Broadcasting

Accurate Secretarial was an essential component to our radio show, delivering interview transcriptions on time and always accurate. The work flowed seamlessly from audio upload to delivery. I would highly recommend the Accurate Secretarial team.

Assistant Professor of Medicine

I engaged Accurate Secretarial for medical research-related transcription and had an excellent experience. The work was accurate and to exact specifications. It was done at reasonable cost and delivered on time and usually well ahead of time. Accurate Secretarial also provides fast, professional, and friendly responses to requests and questions. Very highly recommended!

From a recent client that was comparing Accurate Secretarial llc to a transcript from an India-based company
“This looks perfect. Absolutely, perfect! Thank you so much. I can see that whomever completed the transcription is familiar with academic language, regionalisms, etc. You’d be surprised how much your transcript differs from another version I received (or maybe you wouldn’t?)
I liked the descriptions in brackets when there was laughter as well as the way you captured overlap and interruptions.
I really appreciate the opportunity to see your (excellent!) work before engaging your services. I would like to send you the other interviews for transcription.”