To, Too and Two

To = preposition, or first part of the infinitive form of a verb – They went to the lake to swim. Too = very, also – I was too tired to continue. I was hungry,[…]

Conscious and Conscience

Conscious -adjective meaning awake, perceiving: Despite a head injury, the patient remained conscious. Conscience – noun meaning the sense of obligation to be good: You wouldn’t cheat because your conscience wouldn’t let you.

Lead and Led

Lead – noun referring to a dense metallic element: The X-ray technician wore a vest lined with lead. Led – past-tense and past-participle form of the verb to lead, meaning to guide or direct: The[…]

Complement vs. Compliment

Complement, as a noun, means something that completes or makes perfect. It also means a quantity or amount that completes something. As a verb, complement means to complete. Examples: 1. (as a noun) This area[…]

Idea, Ideal and Ideal

idea = noun meaning a thought, belief, or conception held in the mind, or a general notion or conception formed by generalization: Greg had a brilliant idea. ideal = noun meaning something or someone that[…]