1933, May 7 – FDR – Fireside #2, Better Wage Promises – Closed Captioned

The Congress is about to pass legislation that will greatly ease the mortgage distress among the farmers and among the homeowners of the nation by providing for the easing of the burden of debt that now bears so heavily upon millions of our people.

Well-considered and conservative measures will likewise be proposed within a few days that will attempt to give to the industrial workers of the country a more fair wage return to prevent cutthroat competition, to prevent unduly long hours for labor, and at the same time to encourage each industry to prevent overproduction.

I have no expectation of making a hit every time I go to bat.

What I seek is the highest possible batting average, not only for myself but for the team.

Theodore Roosevelt once said to me, if I can be right 75 percent of the time, I shall come up to the fullest measure of my hopes.

To you, the people of this country, all of us in Washington, the members of the Congress and the members of this administration owe a profound debt of gratitude.

Throughout the Depression, you have been patient.

You have granted us wide power.

You have encouraged us with the widespread approval of our purposes.

Every ounce of strength, every resource at our command, we have devoted and we are devoted to the end of justifying your confidence.

We are encouraged to believe that a wise and sensible beginning has been made in the present spirit of mutual confidence, and in the present spirit of mutual encouragement, we go forward.

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