Things to do when you’ve shut off the TV because the closed captioning is incomprehensible

We’ve all been there. You turn on the TV to watch something, anything to alleviate your boredom, but instead you only find frustration because the closed captioning that you rely on is inaccurate.

What do you do when inaccurate closed/open captioning stops you from being able to participate in TV or film viewing? Here’s a list of suggestions we’ve built designed to help you shut the TV off and walk away from it.

Other things you can do when captioning is too inaccurate to enjoy your video:Learn to crochet

Read a book

Read another book

Read a magazine, remembering that Mark Twain had something to say about this

Build a model car

Build a model airplane

Build a model Gundam

Clean the floors

Dust a room in the house

Take a good nap, we’re all overtired these days

Write a letter of complaint to the FCC

Wonder why you are paying hundreds of dollars a year for cable

Make dinner from scratch

Check the battery charge level in your vehicle

Impulse shop on Ebay

Go for a walk

Go for a bike ride

Study the clouds

Write your congressperson regarding anything

Go to your local library

Take a long hot shower

Play a video game

Pick up the trash in your lawn

Plant a tree

Plant a flower garden

Look into straw bale gardening


Chat with your neighbors

Read your local news


Take an online IQ test

Take an online IQ test while Googling all the answers

Make a budget and see how much you can save by canceling your cable service

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